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Fredricka Reynolds
Fredricka ice diving
Fredricka 2004
* Soviet missile bases detected in Cuba; President Kennedy demands their removal. The confrontation is the closest the U.S. and U.S.S.R. ever come to war. Crisis is resolved when Soviets agree to remove Cuban missiles in exchange for removal of U.S. missiles in Turkey.
* Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann executed in Israel
* U.S. establishes semi-permanent military presence in Vietnam
Rus & Freddie, 2009 climbing Pikes Peak pic is at 11.500 feet  
Fredricka & Rus Bogardus
The Bogardus Family - Freddie, Rus & son Ben diving in Cozumel 2006


* Outgoing President Eisenhower issues warning of a "military industrial complex" developing
* President Kennedy establishes Peace Corps
* Cuban exiles fail in their bid to invade Cuba through the Bay of Pigs; President Kennedy accepts responsibility
* Soviets build wall dividing East and West Berlin
* Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann tried in Israel, found guilty
* "Freedom Riders" travel throughout the South to test and promote integration measures; many are assaulted and beaten
Susan Rhodes
Susan 2004


Russell Romei
The Romei FP House
Russell in Mineola NY


1965 Pontiac GTO
389 3x2 bbl V8
0 to 60 mph . . . . 5.8 sec.
0 to 100 mph . . . . 14.9 sec.
1/4 mile . . ..14.5 sec. @ 100 mph
Billy Roth
Was the Roth FP House


St. Hedwigs Church
Our Lady of Victory Church



Randolph Ryan
Ryan FP House
The Adams Family
Dr.Ryan lives in NC.


John Seaman
John's FP house
Louis Armstrong
John 2000


1965 First animated PEANUTS television special, "A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS" wins Emmy and Peabody Awards.

* President Johnson re-elected in a landslide over Barry Goldwater
* President Johnson declares "war on poverty," introduces a variety of federal welfare programs, including Medicare
* Three civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi during "Freedom Summer"
* Race riots break out in Harlem and other U.S. cities
* Investigating the Kennedy assassination, the Warren Commission determines "Oswald acted alone" in killing the president
* U.S. military forces launch attacks on North Vietnam in response to an alleged attack on a U.S. destroyer off the Vietnamese coast; Congress passes Gulf of Tonkin resolution that gives the President greater freedom to authorize combat actions in Vietnam
Diana Sugden


Tulip Bakery


Dominick Vassallo
Dom's FP House
Sundance Vassallo
Dom 2000


The Sound of Music surpassed Gone With the Wind as the number one box office hit of all time. Other 1965 movies:A Thousand Clowns, Cat Ballou, Doctor Zhivago, Help!, Ship of Fools, The Pawnbroker, and The Spy Who Came In From the Cold
Claudia Watchen
Greatest Rock & Roll Band


* World Series: Pittsburgh over New York Yankees, 4-3
* Olympics held in Rome
The Munsters
Gale Sayers Touchdown


FPMHS Front & Scoreboard
FPMHS Side & Track


1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. A true American Thoroughbred. The most popular engine was the 426 Cubic inch V8.

Robert Weber
Robert's FP House
Bob lives in Florida


Top Music September 1965
1. Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire
2. Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys
3. You Were On My Mind - We Five
4. The "In" Crowd - The Ramsey Lewis Trio
5. Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
6. Help! - The Beatles
7. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
8. Catch Us If You Can - The Dave Clark Five
9 Yesterday - The Beatles
10. I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher

Green Bay Packers win National Football League

Boston Celtics win National Basketball League

Lucky Debonair wins Kentucky Derby

Cassisus Clay knocksout Sonny Liston twice

Barbara Wilson
Barbara in 1999


Koenigs Restaurant
Levines Stationary







The United States overthrows Sukarno, of Indonesia.

"...in four months, five times as many people died in Indonesia as in Vietnam in twelve years." -- Bertrand Russell

* John F. Kennedy elected President in narrow contest over Richard Nixon
* Soviet Union shoots down an American U-2 reconnaissance airplane over Soviet airspace and captures pilot Gary Powers, forcing U.S. to admit to aerial spying
* Belgian Congo wins independence
* U.S., Britain, France and the Soviet Union conduct summit talks, but without results
* U.S. relations with Cuba deteriorate as Castro regime seizes U.S. assets
The Civil Rights Movement was at a peak in 1965. Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, guaranteeing basic civil rights for all Americans, regardless of race.


Other Members of the 1965 Class

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Eric Anderson
l965 the Johnson Administration decided to "go big" in Vietnam and began sustained bombing raids against the North and committed 190,000 US combat troops.
Jane Geyer
Irene Guest
Glenn Hoffmann
Geraldine James
* World Series: Pittsburgh over New York Yankees, 4-3
* Olympics held in Rome


The first enclosed sports stadium in the world, the Astrodome, opens and is immediately claimed by Houstonians to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World"


Patricia Jensen
Denis Lazarto


Green Bay Packers win National Football League

Boston Celtics win National Basketball League

Lucky Debonair wins Kentucky Derby

Cassisus Clay knocksout Sonny Liston twice

Marie LoPiccolo
Robert Leib
Eric Machinist
Bob Nevin
Robert Poulson
Margaret Roccaforte
Stephen Russell

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Jeanne Russo
Kenneth Savarese
Thomas Schwamborn
Los Angeles Watts Riot of 1965 the first major racially-fueled rebellion of the 1960s, an event that foreshadowed the widespread urban violence of the latter half of the decade
1964 Lincoln Continental
Barry Stade
MaryAnne Toscano
Dorothy Tyler
George Veitch
MaryAnn Ventura
Jeffrey Whooten
Alexandra Whyte



2005 Reunion - Class of 1964 - Koenigs Restaurant

Sitting - Tom Kemp, Fran Fanelli, Ingrid Stengreivis, Irene Esposito, Karolyn Brobisky, John Constantino, & Judy Wagner

Standing - Charles Marino, Mary Molloy, Maryl Pfeiffer, Daisy Bernstein, Rich Mason, Sue Rhodes, Kathy Pasquerello, Ginny Bohner, Denise Demby, Judith Ebecke, Maxine Weiner, & Lucy Costello







In Memoriam
Judith Ann Antidormi Eddie Beasley Stuart Birchall Bob Bressmer
MaryAnn Chestis Frank Ciofrona Nora Conlin Lewis DeGennaro
Frank DiLauro Arielle Dundore Joe Fair Gloria Finn
Chip Foderer   Pat Gaffney Pamela Gregg
  Carol Heidorn Glenn Hoffman Donnie Hough
Jackie Lanigan Lucia Libasi   Lee Lutz
Michael Mangapane Pat Milazzo Barbara Parinelli  
Tom Schwamborn   Tom Seaman  
Dominick Vassallo Sharon Walsh Barbara Wilson Diana Yu


"Some men see things as they are and ask Why?
I dream things that never were and ask, Why not?"


Floral Park Memorial High School
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