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Nancy Naples & Robert Weber


And so my fellow Americans
Ask not what your country can do for you
Ask what you can do for your country
My fellow citizens of the world - ask not
What America can do for you - but what together
We can do for the freedom of man

1965 Class Officers, Donna Borkhuis, Noreen MacTiernan, Robert Poulson, Richard Oettinger




1960 - 1965
September 2, 1965 Beatles concert at the Cow Palace in Daly City. Pandemonium broke out as fans rushed the stage.
Tom Ahearn
The 60's


Ron Baranski
Ron's FP House
Ron has been in Law Enforcement for 40+ years.


Tom Bertolino
If you are not part of the solution...


The shape of U.S. cars changed during the 1960s. Tail fins, were added like these on the 1960 Impala
The first enclosed sports stadium in the world, the Astrodome, opens and is immediately claimed by Houstonians to be the "Eighth Wonder of the World"


Floral Park Memorial High School
John Lewis Clilds School PTA


Race to the Moon

In 1965 five Gemini capsules blasted off on Titan Missiles to prepare for the moon landing of Neil Armstrong in 1969

Tina Chisena
Tina's FP House
Tina graduated from Garden City H.S.
Tina currently lives in Maryland



Richard Dawson
Richard, his wife, son, and daughter in Mastic New York 2000


Floral Park Library
Floral Park Bellerose School


* President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas.
* 200,000 people march on Washington in support of civil rights.* Dr. Martin Luther King delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech
* U.S., Soviet Union and Britain sign a nuclear test ban treaty
* "Great train robbery" in Britain yields £2.5 million for thieves
* Pope John XXIII dies.
Lewis DeGenaro
Lewis FP House
Lewis and his wife Pat lived in CT


Mary Jill Ettinger
Mary Jill's FP House

Jill & Frank Fulginiti live in Massachusetts

Jill & Uncle Hy on his 89th


FUN FACTS 1960 to 1965
* "Barbie" gets a boyfriend when the "Ken" doll is introduced
The number of television sets in the U.S. reaches 85 million, nearly one set for every two Americans
* First "Teflon" non-sticking cookware goes on sale at Macy's in New York
* First oral contraceptives made available to the public
Phil Knight develops the first Nike running shoe
Journalists and political commentators begin taking note of U.S. government's "credibility gap" in foreign affairs
* Audio cassettes introduced
* The sedative Valium is made available
According to some reports, not a single juvenile crime is reported in New York City the night of the Beatles' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964

Amy Gentile
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Floral Park Fire House

Floral Park Village Hall


Ray Heatherton
Ray's FP House
Marge & Ray Heatherton
Ray 2003


The LaCour Family
Dennis LaCour
Dennis' FP House
Dennis LaCour 2001
Marje Riviera
Marje's FP House
Marje and Dennis Lacour with grand daughters Angela & Katy
* World Series: Pittsburgh over New York Yankees, 4-3
* Olympics held in Rome
Their daughter Christine & her daughter Kaitlyn
Their daughter Denise and her daughter Angela


Breyers Restaurant
Floral Theater (remember the matrons with flashlights)

On April 18, 1927 the grandest and most magnificent theatre in the history of Nassau County opened its doors to the public. It was billed as, “The Theatre Classic of Long Island”. The much anticipated event was greeted by a host of celebrities and dignitaries of the day including the infamous Mayor Jimmie (Beau James) Walker and W.C. Fields. The theatre was the dream of theatrical impresario Michael Glynne who wished to give Long Island a palatial playhouse where the finest silent movies of that era would be screened, along with a stage where the top vaudeville entertainers would perform. The builder of the lavish Floral Theatre, whose name appears on all official documentation, was John McNeil who later became mayor of the village.

The first silent movies to be shown at the theatre were “The Princess of Hoboken” and the Hal Roach comedy “Duck Soup”. Movies were accompanied by various dance troupes, vaudevillians and newsreels. A $25,000 concert organ was installed
And Ben Nelson became the musical director of the symphony orchestra that would play there for many years to come.

The 1920’s roared on, and in April 11, 1929, the theatre heralded in the first talking picture, which ended the silent era of cinema. The 1930’s brought jitterbug contests to the stage, while the 1940’s asked theatre goers to “Buy War Bonds”. Celebrities continued the rich tradition of making personal appearances and performing for the audience. During the following decades the theatre remained the cultural and civic center of the village.


Jackie Lanagin
Jackie married Linda Mulholland 1969
Linda, Jack, son, and two daughters in Nesconset, NY 1980



The United States overthrows Sukarno, of Indonesia.

"...in four months, five times as many people died in Indonesia as in Vietnam in twelve years." -- Bertrand Russell

1960 Top 10
1. A SUMMER PLACE, Percy Faith
2. HE'LL HAVE TO GO, Jim Reeves
3. KATHY'S CLOWN, Everly Brothers
4. RUNNING BEAR, Johnny Preston
5. TEEN ANGEL, Mark Dinning
6. IT'S NOW OR NEVER, Elvis Presley
7. HANDY MAN, Jimmy Jones
8. I'M SORRY, Brenda Lee
9. STUCK ON YOU, Elvis Presley
10. THE TWIST, Chubby Checker
Carole Locher
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Pat Morris
Pat's FP House Elizabeth St
Pat and Walt Welch 2004
Pat, Walt, Pats daughter Maureen, & son Michael in 2004
Pat and Walt in their backyard 2006
Pat and Walt cruising in 2006



Nancy Naples
Naples FP House
Nancy 1967
1964 Cost of Living
  • Gallon of Milk $1.05
  • Loaf of Bread .21
  • New Auto $2,400
  • Gallon of Gas .24
  • New Home $40,000
  • Average Income $5,430
Nancy & Vinnny Massa 1980
1964 Mercedes Benz 220S
Nancy & Vinnny Disney World 2004
Nancy & Vinnny cruising 2006


.The Mustang was the automobile that touched off the "pony car" craze

Claire Nestor


Albert Schweitzer,1875 - 1965 A lifelong student of ethics and civilization, he worked for goodwill among nations and won the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize. He made three broadcast appeals from Oslo in 1958 entitled "Peace or Atomic War?" He is an outstanding moral and humanitarian figure of the 20th century
Gail Oberst
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Schultheis


Firestone Store
Stella's Restaurant


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